The definition of Crowd Funding is: "the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people". Companies and individuals use Crowd Funding to source income towards ventures in technology, music, gaming, short films, kids books, crafts and comics.

Two of the biggest online crowd-funding sites are Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. I've used these sites in recent years, helping to financially back projects that I'd like to see become a reality. These sites offer a tier system, giving backers the option of contributing more money in return for a 'perk'. These perks can cost anything from £1 to £10'000, and can reward you with anything from a "thank you" mention on a website, right up to having dinner with the crew on the set of a feature film.

Crowd-funding isn't shopping. You don't buy an item that's sitting in a warehouse somewhere. You contribute money to get an idea off the ground. And even though both IndieGoGo and Kickstarter require campaigners to detail "Risks and Challenges", there's a chance the campaign might never be complete. But that's part of the fun!

It's also nice to be a part of someone else's success, and I wish all the campaigns below all the best with their future...

There are occasions where campaigns have been successful, yet the creators haven't committed to the perks. You can read about a few of those here.

Mercian Media Ltd is a proud backer of the following campaigns, and helped bring these fantastic ventures to life:

Low-Fi: A VR cyberpunk game. With me in it! (Sept 2019) ONGOING

Orphan Age: Sim game based on orphans leftafter war (June 2018) ONGOING

Digitiser - The Show: Online series based on teletext mag (May 2018) COMPLETED

Oh Frig I'm 50: Live DVD set by Richard Herring (Mar 2018) COMPLETED

G-Ro Smart Luggage: Smart space saving luggage (Nov 2017) COMPLETED

Shadows Of The State: Photo book on Number Stations (Sept 2017) COMPLETED

nmbr: Glass trackpad data input for MacBook Pro (Sept 2017) COMPLETED

Luna Display: Wireless 2nd display - MacBook to iPad (Sept 2017) COMPLETED

Richard Herring's RHLSTP Series IV: Comedy book (09/2017) COMPLETED

The Networks: Executives: Boardgame expansion pack (Sept 2017) - COMPLETED

Slice Of Life: Short film homage to Blade Runner (Aug 2017) - FUNDED

Titanic VR: From the makers of Apollo 11 Experience (Mar 2017) - COMPLETED

Voyager Gold Record: Voyager spacecraft vinyl LP replica (Sep 2016) - COMPLETED

KiwiSDR: Software Defined Radio 0-30MHz LF radio (Mar 2016)  COMPLETED

G-RO: Carry-on Luggage (Dec 2015) COMPLETED

Judas Breed #2 - Transformation - comic book (11/2015) COMPLETED

KERV: Contactless payment ring (Nov 2015) - UNKNOWN

The Water Boatman: Short horror film by Chris Wright (Sept 2015) COMPLETED

Citee Fashion: City map t-shirts (Sept 2015) COMPLETED

The Networks: Strategy game (Sept 2015) COMPLETED

Dot: Worlds Smallest Bluetooth Headset (07/2015) COMPLETED

Smart Tracker 2 Plus: GPS-track anything, anytime, anywhere - UNKNOWN

Lantern: Free data from space forever (07/2015) REFUNDED

The Crystal Maze - A Live Immersive Experience (07/2015) COMPLETED

ISS Above HD+ - LED ISS notification system (03/2015) COMPLETED

DISPLIO - eInk wifi enabled display (02/2015) COMPLETED

Apollo 11 VR: Virtual Reality experience (Feb 2015) COMPLETED

Nimble Sense - Virtual Reality interactivity (Dec 2014) BOUGHT BY OCULUS

Maximus Thor: Yellow Magic - YouTube series (Oct 2014) COMPLETED

Judas Breed #1- The Awakening - comic book (Oct 2014) COMPLETED

Red Angel Dragnet Volume 1: Lose This Skin - comic (Oct 2014) COMPLETED

Ostrich Pillow Mini - Portable pillow system (Oct 2014) COMPLETED

Gerry Andersons' Firestorm - Unrealised TV series (Oct 2014) COMPLETED

DarkfieldVR - Virtual Reality game (Oct 2014) CANCELED/REFUNDED

Titans Of Space - Virtual Reality game (Oct 2014) COMPLETED

Technolust - Virtual Reality game (Oct 2014) COMPLETED

Don't Look Back - Virtual Reality game (Oct 2014) ONGOING

About Face - Virtual Reality comfort and hygiene system (Oct 2014) COMPLETED

Broadcast News Scotland - Local TV channel (Sept 2014) - COMPLETED

The Fitzroy Comic - Comic book series (Jul 2014) - COMPLETED

TrackR Bravo - bluetooth crowd-GPS tracking device (July 2014) - COMPLETED

Kill Shakespeare - Comic book series (Apr 2014) - COMPLETED

Prison Architect - Prison Simulation game (Mar 2014) - COMPLETED

Prime Contact - Short movie (Dec 2013) - COMPLETED

Panono - Panoramic Ball Camera (Nov 2013) COMPLETED

Sound Band - bluetooth bone induction headphones (Aug 2013) UNKNOWN

I'm Vlogging Here - Documentary on video blogging (Jan 2013) COMPLETED

Elite: Dangerous - computer game (Dec 2012)  COMPLETED

The Fitzroy - feature film (Dec 2012) COMPLETED

Distance - Arcade racing game (Nov 2012) BETA PHASE  ON STEAM

Misfit Shine - wireless activity tracker (Nov 2012)  COMPLETED

Escape From The Tower - short horror film (Nov 2012) UNSUCCESSFUL

Skills, Smells and Spells - Photography exhibition (Feb 2012) COMPLETED