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Alex is an established Television and Studio Director as well as a Vision Mixer with a history of live and pre-recorded multi-camera studio broadcasting and Outside Broadcast operations.

His experience and knowledge helped launch several formatted high-profile shows on Sky News including the technology show "Sky News Dot Com" and the politics show "Boulton and Co". He was also an integral part of the team to launch Sky News in High Definition and was the Vision Mixer in the OB truck when the SD to HD switch happened, broadcasting live from Bristol.

In 2010 he was selected by Sky News Directors as Vision Mixer for the live (and first ever) General Election Leaders Debate shows which were held in Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh. These broadcasts brought Sky News their biggest ever audience figures.

Alex was also Director at the time of the 2011 UK Riots which brought Sky News audience figures of over 9.2 million, and was Vision Mixer for the Special Documentary "Why Are They Rioting?". The Royal Television Society awarded Sky News with the "Best Coverage" award for the overall portrayal of the UK riots.

Alex was an Outside Broadcast Vision Mixer involved in the Royal Wedding coverage for Sky News, live from Buckingham Palace. He also worked as Vision Mixer on more detailed shows such as the 60-minute Royal Wedding debate programme, "Monarchy In The UK".

Other OB coverage includes being a Director for Sky News covering the story of the Northumbria gunman, Raoul Moat. The multi-camera set-up allowed Alex to direct several presenters on location over many days, including broadcasting live during the final hours and moments of the story, and the continual multi-path streaming of footage back to the Sky Centre for updated breaking news information and alternative shots.

In 2011 Alex started working on the rebranded Reality TV show "Big Brother" and "Celebrity Big Brother" on Channel 5 as a House Director, and has since completed six contracts with more coming in 2013.

Alex also Directed the shows "First Up" and "On The Move" for the business channel Bloomberg. The shows were based in a Hong Kong studio, but directed from Bloomberg in London!

He would like to further his skills and knowledge towards more Reality TV, Entertainment and Music.

Alex is currently single with a full clean UK drivers license and full UK passport, and holds an up-to-date Press Pass.


Alex Scott - Mercian Media Ltd - Freelance Director Vision Mixer - 07827 636264